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About Your Bill

Below is a scanned image of what a residential bill will resemble. At the bottom of the page are explanations of the numbered areas.

1: Customer account number, and due date for discounted payment, unless customer opted for EFT
2: Gross payment due, net payment if recieved by discount date

3: Courier tracking numbers, including Account number, gross amount due, and discount amount due.
4: Dates of previous month's reading and most recent reading.
5: kW/h usage for the previous and current months
6: Usage demand multiplier (always 1 for residents), and usage for the period between readings.
7: Meter ID#, rate-type (R means residential), and whether meter was physically read or estimated

8: Short seasonal tips from PMLP on how to save energy and lower your bill
9: Current charge rates for the first 100 kW/h and subsequent kW/h past 100
10: Purchased Power and Fuel Cost Adjustment. These rates change on a quarterly basis. *
11: Current charge based on previous month's balance and when payment was recieved, as well as
12: adjustments such as refunds, and how much the balance will be
Total gross amount due minus discount, and net payment due by.

*For more information about Purchased Power and Fuel Cost adjustment, please go here.