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Energy Conservation Tips


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Spring is a great time to embark on a year-round plan to reduce energy use and household expenses. A realistic approach is to keep it simple to begin with - and go from there. Here are some places to start:

•  BE A DRAFT DETECTIVE check for any winter damage to window caulking and sealing. Left unchecked, the tiny cracks and invisible gaps around doors, windows, and baseboards are a big source of waste all year round.

•  Make sure to change the direction of airflow on ceiling fans. In the winter, let fans push warm air toward the floor and, in summer, switch the direction and draw air upward, cooling each room and ensuring constant airflow.

•  When dust and pet hair build up on refrigerator condenser coils, the motor works harder and uses more electricity. As part of an annual spring-cleaning routine, coils should be cleaned so that air can circulate freely.

•  With hot weather on the way, make sure any air conditioners have been serviced and are ready to go, and always remember to wash or replace any filters.

•  Raising the setting on an air conditioner by just a couple of degrees is an effective way to save on energy costs without really noticing a change in temperature. Did you know ... your air conditioner uses 3% more energy for each degree set below 75 degrees?

•  Get rid of hot air. Use an exhaust fan to blow hot air out of the kitchen while cooking. The savings realized on cooling costs far outweigh the electricity used by the fan.

•  Consider taking lukewarm showers and baths to reduce the amount of heat and humidity in the air.

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For more information on energy conservation, please call the toll-free Energy Hotline below: