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PMLP: Owned By The People It Serves

As a community owned, not-for-profit electric utility, the Peabody Municipal Light Plant is owned by its customers. Unlike investor-owned utilities such as National Grid and NStar, which must raise money from their customers to pay stockholders around the world, all of the PMLP's income is used to benefit its local customer-owners. In fact, the sole mission of the PMLP, since 1891, has been, and still is, to provide reliable electric service at the lowest possible cost.

The PMLP, which serves all of Peabody and a portion of Lynnfield, is an autonomous subdivision of the City of Peabody. With approximately 25,000 customers, PMLP is the third largest of 40 municipal electric utilities in Massachusetts. The PMLP power supply comes from a variety of sources throughout the Northeast and includes two generators in Peabody that are owned and operated by the PMLP. This local generation supports the regional power grid but also serves as an emergency backup for our customers in case of a grid failure.

With five separate connections to the regional grid, PMLP service is highly reliable. Many communities only have one connection. In addition, PMLP electric rates typically are among the lowest in the area. Our rates are usually 20-25% lower than neighboring utilities and at times have been up to 50% lower. This is a result of many factors, including power supply diversity, efficient operations, our non-profit structure and an unwavering commitment to keeping costs as low as possible for our customers.

The PMLP is governed by an elected, five-person Board of Commissioners called the Peabody Municipal Lighting Commission (PMLC). The PMLC works with the PMLP Management team to achieve our goal of providing reliable electric service at the lowest possible cost. We pursue that goal through a variety of projects and initiatives, such as the recent upgrade of our distribution system, which is saving the PMLP and its customers approximately $1 million per year.

The PMLP also plays an active role in community affairs and we encourage our employees to participate in community events. In fact, many of our employees are Peabody and Lynnfield residents who already have a vested interest in community affairs. Some examples of our community involvement are:

  • Hang banners for city events
  • Provide special electrical accommodations for the annual International Festival, Kids Day, and other special events
  • Elementary school science fairs and awards ceremony
  • Free residential energy audits
  • Hard Times Partnership with NSCAP provides heating assistance to low income residents
  • Provide assistance with summer concert series, City Hall concerts and annual Peabody High School concerts/luncheons for the elderly
  • Participate in local Green Energy Committee activities
  • Participate in local TRIAD activities
  • Chamber of Commerce

If you would like to learn more about the PMLP, visit the PMLP History section of our website. If you have any questions, suggestions or concerns, please feel free to send us a note by visiting the CONTACT US section of the website.