Current Projects

Peabody Municipal Light Plant is always improving-always upgrading to stay on top of technology, service and industry trends.

Solar PanelsSolar Panels for PMLP

Fall 2024

We are researching the feasibility to add solar panels to our property at 201 Warren Street extension. We are reviewing solutions with vendors, and hope to find a path forward to tie this generation into an on-site battery. Together, these technologies could provide long-term revenue and help keep customer rates low.

Parking LotParking Lot Paving

Spring 2023

We're re-paving our entire parking lot to make it safer and improve visibility for parking. The wear and tear from 35 years of New England weather have left deep cracks, holes, and other types of degradation. We are partnering with highly accredited engineering firm Weston and Sampson and will ensure the project complies with all conservation requirements.

Building PlansBuilding Renovation

Fall 2023

The PMLP main building is almost 35 years old and needs to be updated. Changes to the space will be optimized for modern business operations and recent changes within our internal organizational structure that will help us to better serve you. The most urgent changes will be to our front lobby and to upgrade to "touch-free" bathrooms.

Electric Vehicle ChargersElectric Vehicle Chargers

Fall 2023

We are leveraging a grant from the Mass Department of Environment Protection for six Electric Vehicle (EV) charging stations which will help PMLP customers have local FAST charging stations to get their EVs charged. We've engaged Voltrek to provide ChargePoint stations that will be located near the Little Depot Diner on Railroad Avenue, at the municipal lot on Foster Street, and at the municipal lot on Mill Street.

Utility Battery StorageUtility Battery Storage

Spring 2024

Battery Storage reduces our bulk power costs by allowing us to store power when it is cheaper for us to buy (during non-peak times), and then to use the battery to shave the peak which helps to reduce stress on the bulk power system and reduces PMLP's transmission and capacity costs. This will be a collaborative project with MMWEC, and is targeted to be installed on PMLP's property at 201 Warren Street ext.


Summer 2023

2015A helps to increase reliability of the electric grid and suppress costs for our customers. Peaker plants are essentially back-up generators for situations where demand is not able to be met by renewable and other base-load generation on the system. Even when the project is not running, it will be compensated in the ISO-New England Capacity Market. Read more about Project 2015A.

2023 MSgt. Alexander J. Cotton Memorial Solar2023 MSgt. Alexander J. Cotton Memorial Solar

June 2023

Brought online during the summer of 2023 and dedicated in honor of Master Sergeant Alexander J. Cotton, this project adds more renewable energy into our portfolio. PMLP is receiving 29% (2 megawatts [MW]) of the energy output and project benefits of this 30-acre, 7MW solar project located in Ludlow, MA

Offshore Wind InitiativeOffshore Wind Initiative

2030 and Beyond

Offshore wind is anticipated to play a major role in the region's efforts to become Net Zero by 2050. As projects materialize, PMLP is always seeking ways to integrate more wind into our portfolio in a way that is cost-effective to our customers of Peabody and South Lynnfield.

Berkshire WindBerkshire Wind (I, II)

2011, 2019

PMLP was an early adopter and largest contributor (18%) of wind energy by participating in Berkshire Wind Phase I, Massachusetts' largest inland commercial wind farm when it was constructed in 2011. The success of Phase I was followed with Phase II in 2019, bringing the total number of turbines to 12, and providing PMLP with close to 3MW of energy, which is about 2% of our energy portfolio.


1982, 2020

Beginning in 2020, we started to purchase reliable, low-cost, and carbon-free hydropower using our transmission rights to the high-voltage Hydro-Quebec Interconnection transmission line that extends from the Canadian utility, Hydro-Quebec, to central Massachusetts power. PMLP has been a right-holder to a portion of this infrastructure since 1982.

2023A Nuclear2023A Nuclear


Through this Project, PMLP is expected to receive an additional 10 MW of cost-effective and carbon-free power 24 hours a day for the period 2030 through 2049 from the principal owner of the Seabrook Nuclear facility, NextEra Energy. The facility is currently licensed to operate through March 2050.