2015A Project

MMWECThe Massachusetts Municipal Wholesale Electric Company (MMWEC) helps PMLP to provide safe, reliable electricity at the lowest possible cost by bringing efficiency, economy, and renewable energy to the business of municipal utilities. Of the 40 municipal utilities in Massachusetts, 20 are Members of MMWEC and 30 are MMWEC Project Participants.

The 2015A project is a 55-megawatt turbine that will be used as a capacity resource.

This turbine is going to be used as a capacity resource for PMLP and other electric companies. PMLP will own approximately 32% of the project and receive 32% of the capacity benefit from the project. The remaining 68% of the project will be owned by other municipal light plants throughout Massachusetts. The project is being managed by MMWEC (Massachusetts Municipal Wholesale Electric Company). The purpose of this resource is to provide capacity and to be used in times of high demand (e.g., hot summer days and cold winter nights). Capacity gives us the ability to generate energy when needed; however, it is only necessary for high-demand situations. Energy is the actual amount of electricity that is used by customers. As the consumption of energy increases, the need for capacity also increases.

Why in Peabody?

PMLP has experience in operating and maintaining generating units since our very first steam generator was installed in 1891. Because of this, we have the facilities, infrastructure and personnel to safely and efficiently assist in the Project's operation and lower the overall cost of the Project. PMLP's history of generator ownership is a significant reason of why we are able to offer some of the lowest electric rates in the state. In addition, the North Shore is an import-constrained zone which makes it especially valuable to ISO- New England and improves reliability in the region.

Why Do We Have Turbines & What Do We Do with Them?

  • Reliability - Allows us to effectively provide power to customers in times of high demand.
  • Low Rates - The energy market is volatile and fluctuates based on demand. Having our own capacity stabilizes a low cost for our customers.
  • ISO New England Compliance - ISO New England mandates PMLP to generate energy during periods of high energy demand (e.g., hot summer days, and cold winter nights).
  • Frequency of Use - This turbine is estimated to run less than 240 hours a year, which is only 2.7% of the year. It will not be constantly running.

Our Emissions Are Less Than the Massachusetts Average

Regional Comparison of Emissions

PMLP continues to take steps towards lowering emissions whenever possible as part of the NetZero Carbon Emissions 2050 Roadmap.

In an effort to continue moving towards cleaner energy, customers can receive incentives and rebates for switching over to more environmental-friendly products. Learn information about our Net Metering Program and how PMLP supports customers switching to Solar Energy to power their homes.

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