My Usage History

As part of our Advanced Metering Infrastructure Program, we are providing My Usage History via the Online Payment Portal and PMLP App.

Customers have free 24/7 access to detailed energy information on their electricity use throughout each day, for every day of the year since July 2018. We've launched with over a full year's worth of your data already available!

Daily Graph With Summary

Usage Graphs Show It All

Curious about a recent bill? View your electrical usage in detail by each day or month - and even in 15-minute intervals!

Understand How You Consume

Identify which days, and the times during those days, that you're consuming the most electricity.

Weather Data Simplifies Spotting Trends

We provide weather data such as Temperature, Humidity, Percent Cloud Cover, and more to give you context as you spot changes over time.

More Information

Looking for more? See our Appliance Usage Quick Reference Guide (PDF).

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