Environmental Policy

Our Commitment

West Branch of Peabody Institute LibraryPeabody Municipal Light Plant is committed to the protection of our environment and to the welfare and safeguarding of our community. We will provide our customers with economical, safe, and reliable energy in an environmentally-responsible manner. We will comply with all applicable environmental laws and regulations and will implement procedures and programs to ensure compliance. We will communicate our environmental policy, goals, and objectives and provide environmental education and training to our employees, suppliers, customers and community. We will strive to reduce the amount of waste we generate. And we will commit to and implement a process of continual development.

PMLP 2022 Energy Sources by Fuel Type

Spot Market - This is the energy industry's commodities market, and can include a mix of all generation types supplying energy to the grid during the time period of purchase.

Hedged Power - This represents power contracts, mostly with energy companies and commodities brokers, with the aim of removing/mitigating the volatility in the price PMLP pays for energy.

The fuel sources that can be drawn from at any point in time for both Spot and Hedged can include any of the following, and constantly changes based upon availability and price.

Fuel Type - Alphabetical:

  • Coal
  • Hydro
  • Landfill Gas
  • Methane
  • Natural Gas
  • Nuclear
  • Petroleum
  • Refuse
  • Solar
  • Wind
  • Wood