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About Solar Power in Peabody & South Lynnfield

Interested in installing Solar or other Renewable Energies on your property? PMLP has developed a Net Metering Policy to help the process go smoothly.

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Have questions? More details can be found in our Net Metering Policy (PDF).

Of course, you are always more than welcome to call PMLP at 978-531-5975 to discuss, ask questions and get expert answers.

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MA Clean Energy Center Solar Loans

Mass Solar Loans make it easy for Massachusetts residents to obtain low-interest loans to fund the installation of solar electricity systems for their homes.

Scam Warning!

There are power marketers that may contact you via mail, email, phone, internet or ads who claim that they will install a system on your property and then sell you your electricity at an attractive discounted rate. These systems are not allowed in Peabody and often come with a cost escalator that costs more than energy from PMLP.

If you have questions or concerns, feel free to take their information and give us a call at 978-531-5975.

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