Peabody Municipal Light Plant (PMLP)


201 Warren Street Extension
Peabody, MA 01960


911 or 978-531-5975

Contact PMLP

Call our Customer Service Center 24/7 at 978-531-5975!

Report emergencies by calling 911 or our 24-hour Customer Service Center at 978-531-5975.

If you want to report a streetlight outage or have a non-emergency-related question, contact PMLP or call us at 978-531-5975. (Please never report emergencies via our online contact form.)


Name Title Email Phone Additional Phone
Anastasi, Joe Manager   978-531-5975, ext. 277  
Buckley, Adam Attorney   978-531-5975  
Durkin, Philip Attorney   978-531-5975  
Hennessy, Tim Assistant Manager   978-531-5975 ext. 241  
Patti, Nicole Executive Assistant   978-531-5975  


Name Title Email Phone Additional Phone
Bettencourt, Fernando Inventory Control Coordinator   978-531-5975, ext. 171  
Glavin, Sharon Assistant Business Manager Accounting & Finance   978-531-5975, ext. 110  
Michaelis, Michelle Assistant Business Manager Customer Service   978-531-5975, ext. 115  
Repucci, Karen Business Manager      


Name Title Email Phone Additional Phone
Boraiza, Matt Meter Installer Foreman   978-531-5975  
DaSilva, Antonio Mechanic   978-531-5975  
DaSilva, Ricardo Meter Technician II   978-531-5975  
Dixon, Rich Line Worker -Trouble Worker   978-531-5975  
Gomes, Brian Meter Technician II   978-531-5975  
Ibarr, Andre Line Worker -Trouble Worker   978-531-5975  
Jackson, William Superintendent of Electrical Distribution   978-531-5975, ext. 142  
LaChance, David Mechanical Handyperson   978-531-5975  
Landano, Norman Line Worker - Apprentice   978-531-5975  
Lavy, Justin Assistant Superintendent - Safety / Support   978-531-5975, ext. 143  
MacGregor, Kevin Working Supervisor Line Worker (Trouble Worker)   978-531-5975  
Moore, Michael Assistant Superintendent - Construction & Maintenance   978-531-5975, ext. 140  
O'Hara, Jack Meter Technician I   978-531-5975  
Parente, Bill Line Worker - Apprentice   978-531-5975  
Reaume, William Working Supervisor Line Worker (Trouble Worker)   978-531-5975  
Robinson, Sheila Clerk (Distribution)   978-531-5975  
Santoro, Jennifer Metering Services Representative   978-531-5975  
Simpson, Marshal Assistant Superintendent - Metering   978-531-5975 ext. 144  
Jackson, William Superintendent of Electric Distribution 978-531-5975  


Name Title Email Phone Additional Phone
Abcunas, Brian Associate Electrical Engineer   978-531-5975, ext. 234  
Cardello, William Senior Electrical Engineer   978-531-5975  
Collins, Kevin Power Plant Equipment Maintenance Worker   978-531-5975  
Follis, Stephen Power Plant Equipment Maintenance Worker   978-531-5975  
Hallahan, Dave Principal Electrical Engineer   978-531-5975, ext. 239  
Ingalls, Christopher Power Plant Equipment Maintenance Worker / Electrician   978-531-5975  
Karim, Hussein Electrical Engineer   978-531-5975  
Kasman, Eugene Working Supervisor Electric Station Repair Person   978-531-5975  
Lazzaro, Paul Electrical Engineer   978-531-5975  
Pierce, Timothy Power Plant Equipment Maintenance Worker   978-531-5975  
Simoes, Roy Supervising Electrical Engineer   978-531-5975, ext. 230  
Tracchia, Barbara Senior Electrical Engineering Aide   978-531-5975  

Human Resources / Community Relations 

Name Title Email Phone Additional Phone
Maihos, John Director of Human Resources and Community Relations      

Information Systems & Services 

Name Title Email Phone Additional Phone
Bacon, Alex Director of Information Systems and Services      
Bell, Mark Information Technology Manager   978-531-5975  
Griffin, Sean Network & Systems Administrator   978-531-5975, ext. 296  
Guerrero, Billy Systems Implementation Supervisor   978-531-5975  
Martellini, Cliff Computer Support Specialist   978-531-5975, ext. 298  
Riggs, Alana GIS Analyst   978-531-5975  
Tran, Ivan Integration Specialist   978-531-5975, ext. 294  
Uvanni, Mark IT Specialist   978-531-5975, ext. 292  

Power Resource Management 

Name Title Email Phone Additional Phone
Aversa, Cristopher Dispatcher   978-531-5975  
Caputo, Paul Dispatcher   978-531-5975  
Guitard, Daniel Environmental Coordinator   978-531-5975, ext. 240  
Howcroft, Bryan Power Resource Manager      
Myers, John Energy Conservation Specialist   978-531-5975  
Pavenski, Peter Dispatcher   978-531-5975  
Shah, Michael Dispatcher   978-531-5975