High bill: My bill is higher this month. Why?

Season reasons. In winter, cold snaps in some months can increase your bill by more than 10% as your heating increases. Because the sun sets earlier, you may use more lighting than you do in other seasons. Also, the type of clothing we wear is usually heavier in winter requiring longer electric dryer time. In cold weather, many people move inside and use more energy for lighting, cooking and entertainment. Even the types of food we cook in winter tend to be different and require longer cooking times.

In summer, the children are home. The hot, humid weather calls for more air conditioning and dehumidifier use. This alone can increase cooling costs by 10% or more. You may also use more energy for cooking outdoors, cleaning, home improvement projects and heating swimming pools.

Billing Periods: A typical billing period is between 29 and 31 days, but holidays may make your billing period up to 35 days long. A difference of 5 days on your bill can increase your bill by 17%.

Holiday Usage: During holidays, you might use more energy for cooking, cleaning, lighting and heating and company. This will result in a higher electric bill.

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