Why is it called the 2015A Project?

MMWEC's contractual requirements for energy facility projects is to name them initially as a "Special Project" according to the year in which it was first proposed/established and in the order proposed. A Special Project is the preliminary, development and exploratory phase of an energy facility. During 2015 and through 2016, under the name "Special Project 2015A," MMWEC undertook the necessary work to have sufficient information, contractual arrangements, and commitments to make the Special Project a "Project". A Special Project becomes a "Project" once Power Sales Agreements (PSA) are signed for the total capacity of the proposed energy facility.

PSAs were signed by the 14 participating MLPs in 2017. Consequently, as of January 2017, "Special Project 2015A" became "Project 2015A." In accordance with MMWEC's enabling act, the PSAs bind the MLPs to the costs and expenses associated with a Project whether it is completed, operates or is terminated.

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1. Why is it called the 2015A Project?
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