Why this project?

It is important to understand that Project 2015A provides capacity – the ability to generate energy/electricity. By law, all distribution companies, including PMLP, are required to secure capacity to meet their peak demand, plus a reserve margin, typically an additional 40%. This is done managed through the ISO -New England, the entity in charge of reliability for the New England region. All distribution companies are required to participate in the ISO -New England electricity markets, one of which is the capacity market. Prices in the ISO -New England capacity market are volatile. Project 2015A locks in a price for capacity, protecting participating MLPs against this price volatility. Having this capacity reliability resource helps the MLDPs stabilize rates and plan for the future. In addition, because they cannot be reliably dispatched at peak times, this project serves as a “balancing resource” for the increasing amount of intermittent renewable sources of energy, (such as solar and wind), on the grid, supporting reliability in the area.

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4. Why this project?