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1. Making changes: How do I apply / start, stop or transfer electrical service?
2. Paying my bill: How can I pay my electric bill? What choices do I have?
3. Missing bill. I didn't receive my bill. What do I do?
4. Incorrect bill: I think my bill is wrong. How do I get it reviewed and corrected?
5. High bill: My bill is higher this month. Why?
6. Power outages: How do I report a power outage?
7. Streetlight outage: How do I report a streetlight out?
8. Solar and wind power: I want to install solar panels or a wind power generator on my property. How do I coordinate with the municipal electrical system?
9. Digging: Before digging on my property, do I have to notify anyone?
10. Energy conservation / assistance: Does PMLP have a program that can provide me with energy and weatherization assistance?